Hi there! My name is Quiet Little Chibi, or just Chibi for short 🙂

I’m a quirky, fun-loving writer who enjoys spending time with my family, writing (of course) and artsy stuff. I’m a nerd at heart, so a lot of my blog will show off that side of me. But while I am a nerd, I am also highly ambitious and aware.

I’m called Chibi because I’m only 5′ tall. I have also been called “Plushie,” and people have said I am very soft…Don’t know if that’s TMI or not >.> Take it how you will.

I’m currently 25 knocking on 26, married, with two children ages 6 and 2, and live comfortably with my family on the countryside. Now that I’ve given you some info about myself, let’s get into why you’re really here.

Why did you start this blog?

First, let’s start with a bit of honesty. I have tried to start at least 5 over blogs in the past. Why is it that this is the only blog I’ve been able to put up? I am an introvert, and this blog is for people like me: introverts who have ambition. My shy nature made me worry nonsensically about what others would think about what I had to say, and how I could “fit in” with other blogs that had similarities to mine. This caused me to be constantly unhappy with what I was producing, and I felt like I’d be lying to my readership about who I was. I felt weird trying to portray myself as someone I really wasn’t. I was constantly cutting out sections of my personality to try and make my blog easier to swallow.

This caused me to waste a lot of money, time, and become less confident. After working many unfulfilling 9-5’s, watching my life stagnate, and being in less-than-stellar health, I finally had an epiphany: Why couldn’t I just be myself?

After all, I would be the only Quiet Little Chibi on the net. The one and only, with a blog that had encyclopedia’s worth of helpful advice for others like me. I know there are others with the same ambition that I have, and who want their lives to be fulfilling. In an extroverted world, where do we fit?

You can fit in here, and take what you learn to thrive against the grain.

How can I thrive in an extroverted world?

Glad you asked. First and foremost, let me tell you what I have accomplished:

-I started a blog.

-I pitch actively to clients

-I work out

-I eat healthy

-I prioritize myself and my family

What’s so stellar about those accomplishments? I’m not talking about how I’m making 6 figures, or about how I travel to beautiful places, right? That’s what most blogs do. Just like I said above however, I am being 100% me, and not a rehash of what you’ve already seen.

These are successes because just a year ago, I would have been quaking in my boots about doing any of those things. Starting a blog caused anxiety of epic proportions. Pitching to clients was a complete no-go. Working out was “too hard” and I wasn’t “meant to be fit.” Eating healthy was also hard. Prioritizing my family was not on my mind. I let others control my life, my thoughts, and how I felt about the things I loved.

Compared to the Chibi from a year ago, I am a new person. My mindset is what lets me thrive in this world. That is how you become what you want to be. It isn’t about finding ways to mitigate problems that are inevitable, but about making what you feel is most important in your life truly the focus, and having a no-nonsense approach to your goals. You thrive by adapting, and being consistent. 

What’s on this blog that will help me?

This is a lifestyle design blog, plain and simple. It touches every aspect of life, and gives you down-to-earth advice necessary to improving yourself. My advice is based on my own accounts. It is based on my successes, failures, and what’s currently going on in my life. You’ll find posts here on getting fit, meal planning, prioritizing things in your life, mental health, productivity, budgeting, and more. I post whatever I feel like could help you. You won’t find anything here meant to take you for a ride. It’s all here to be a resource for you.

So what do I do now?

Explore the site! Each topic is broken down by category, so you can get right to what interests you. You might also want to subscribe for updates on the blog. I’m not going to be a subscribe-nazi though…It’s totally up to you, but I personally believe you would benefit from it.

When being awesome at life gets overwhelming, you can also see posts I have on other topics I enjoy, such as art, entertainment, music, food, and travel.

So please grab some coffee, pull up a chair, and enjoy your stay. We have a lot of getting to know each other to do 🙂

XOXO Chibi

03/11/2017: Eventually I would like to get a forum up and running on my blog. While there is no guarantee right now of exactly when that will happen, I would love to hear from anyone experienced moderating, running, or putting together a forum. Feel free to reach out to me in the comments (which I do check). I don’t release my email directly, but if you comment I will be happy to speak with you regarding it. Thanks for your interest!